May 2015

After our busy time through April, we are settling down in May into our steady rhythm of activities and events.

Unitarian Service

Stuart led May’s service which centred around the theme of humility: something that is inherent in all the world’s major religious systems. Drawing from a liberal Christian perspective, he built the service around these words from Trappist Monk William A. Meninger.

‘It is not surprising that humility is so little understood. I was once told by a so-called theologian that humility consisted in knowing where you were but acting as if you were a degree or two lower. This is absurd. According to this idea, humility consists basically in a deceit, in pretending you are less than you know yourself to be! No, dear friend, you are humble when you know yourself as you truly are and when you are willing to look this truth in the face and accept it.’

Meninger goes on to say that true humility is the fruit of self examination and that if we do not ask searching questions of ourselves and respond to them honestly and openly we can be drawn to self satisfaction, or the other extreme, we can judge ourselves as total failures, and ‘neither of these conclusions is the fruit of humility.’ (Meninger; The Loving Search for God. 1994).

Folk at The Chapel

A healthy audience turned out to enjoy the music of Andy Smythe. Following some great floor spots Andy treated us to his amazing singing range and compelling arrangements of his intelligent songs.


Ted’s floor-spot                                Andy Smythe

Thanks to everybody who supported the Folk Club which returns in June. Check the tab above for more details.

Through May we continue with our Meditation Sessions and Community Cafe: again, explore the tabs above to find out more.

See you at The Chapel soon.

The Chapel Youtube 3

Here’s a video of one of Andy Smythe’s songs to enjoy.