October 2015


Moving into October, it feels as though The Chapel is back into a something of a rhythm.  We celebrated Harvest in the middle of September. Late in the afternoon, the low light seeps through the chapel windows and illuminates the space wonderfully. Having our 17th century communion table communion strewn with the bounty of the earth – the colours, textures and smells – always serves as a poignant reminder that there are so many aspects of life that, without mindful reverence can seem ‘ordinary.’ The reality is that there is little if anything in life that is ordinary.

It was fitting that the monies collected from our celebration were sent to support refugees in crisis.

Thanks to Duncan who stepped in to take the service.


Community Café, Meditation, Meditation Series and Art Sessions

Thanks to everybody who attends and helps to run all of our regular events. Much time and energy is given in helping to develop The Chapel and we are grateful to everybody who contributes to make us such a warm and inclusive little community. Explore the tabs at the top of the page to find out more about what we do.

Folk Club

Our first Folk Club of the season was held on Saturday evening and a healthy turn out ensured a wonderful night of music. A special thanks to ‘Shipwrecked’ who performed a wonderful set of songs to round off what proved to be a lovely night.

Forthcoming Peace Service – 18th October, 11.00am.

On October 18th we are holding a congregational service to mark Peace Day. Attendees are invited to make a contribution of a prayer, reading, poem or a piece of music if they so wish. We have people happy to present the offerings if contributors would prefer this. Contact Duncan (dvoice420@gmail.com   07771 609347) if you would like to bring something along. Of course, everybody is most welcome to come along and simply enjoy the worship.

The Chapel Youtube 3

This week’s clip is dedicated to our good friend Stephen Crowther. Stephen delivered a beautiful service recently where we were contemplating the conjecture that the origin of the Hebrew written representation for God, YHWH, may be linked to draw and exhalation of the breath. The Hebrew ‘ruach’ is translated as ‘spirit,’ ‘wind,’ or ‘breath’ adding further to these connections. Little wonder that many meditation techniques from many traditions emphasise the breath as a point of centring.

Stephen also spoke about the importance of spiritual experience sitting above spiritual intellect and with this in mind, here is Bruce Cockburn from 1974 at arguably his best, reinforcing Stephen’s other point that religious experience happens more often than not, outside of Church. The images in the slideshow are not great, but you’ll get the idea, even if you close your eyes and just absorb it. Hope you enjoy the song Stephen and thanks again. (PS Bruce Cockburn plays at the Komedia, Brighton, October 14th)!