February and March 2016

Welcome to our news page.

Ups and Downs!

Let’s start with the downs! Our lovely brick wall, which must have sat in the rear corner of our plot for many, many  years fell down recently. About a six metre stretch fell foul to the passing of time, the stormy weather and the pressure of the roots of an adjacent holly tree. Repairs to the wall have been on our ‘wish list’ for quite some time but sadly, we were not able initiate them in time. Thankfully, a good stretch of the wall remains intact and Libby is currently exploring the options available to us in rebuilding the length that has fallen, or finding a suitable alternative whilst preserving what’s left.


On the ‘ups,’ we have started work on re-laying our stone path. The path was in desperate need of attention, being very uneven in places and in need of re-pointing. The work will continue for a few days in February and we are hoping that we can re-use pretty much all of the existing stones. The area around the side-door will be raised slightly so as to create a flat area over the elm tree roots which have, over the years, made that area especially uneven.We are grateful to Duncan Ragabliati for the generous donation which has allowed this work to take place and to Paul Juniper for giving up time and energy to manage this project. Thank you both.

Progressive Christianity Group

The new PCN group was well attended and we were especially pleased to welcome others from denominations other than Unitarian. Participants  discussed some of their experiences of Christianity and what had brought them to a ‘progressive’ faith position. It was agreed that future meetings would focus on some of the ‘language’ of Christianity and how some are interpreting this for contemporary times. The forthcoming meetings are outlined here.  The next meeting is at 8.00 p.m. on Thursday March 3rd.

Healing and Support Circle 

Marion’s and Sarah’s Healing and Support Circle begins on Thursday, February 26th at 7.00 p.m. All are welcome. Find out more here. Don’t forget that Duncan’s Monthly Meditation sessions take place on the 3rd Monday of the month.


The Festival of Unitarians in the South East takes place over the weekend of February 19-21st at The Chatswotth Hotel in Worthing.

Folk Club

We enjoyed a lovely relaxed folk session in February with great sets from Greg Harper and Ian Chisholm. Thanks go to them for performing for the benefit of The Chapel and to the floor singers who braved a wet and windy evening to help make it a great session. Photos are courtesy of Anthony Dilley.

The Chapel Youtube 3

Occasionally, we hear music that touches us so deeply that we can but cry. Here is one of Canada’s great songwriters, Tom Wilson performing ‘Beautiful Scars.’ He wrote this after reading a work by writer Miriam Toews and had the opportunity to perform it in her presence. These are wonderful, fragile, moments capturing the power of music to touch our hearts.

Enjoy and be touched.


See you at The Chapel again soon.