March and April 2017

As I write, spring seems to be weaving her way into the world.


I am reminded of the sentiment that our service leader Danielle Wilson talked about the other Sunday morning: that we should always try to take time to dwell on the awe and wonder in the world that surrounds us.

So, as spring springs, take a long, slower look at those daffs; let that Cadbury’s cream egg gently melt in your mouth*and feel the rain upon your face with ever more delight.

As Danielle said, one day, all of us will find brackets enclosing the dates of our existence and the most important element of the two dates that they wrap around is not the numbers themselves but rather the dash that lies between them. For it is this dash which  represents the time we all have, no matter how brief, between the opening and closing of our chapter.

How are you spending your dash?

It may not be possible to live out all, some or even any of our dreams – and that may not be a bad thing. But we can all make a commitment to find as much time as we can during any one day to live as deliberately as we can.

And it might also be possible to  live with as much love reaching out from our hearts as we are humanly capable of. Not easy perhaps, but possible all the same.

Thanks for visiting our site – I hope that your reading was a good use of a tiny, tiny part of your dash and remember to use the rest as wisely as you can.

Looking forward to you popping by again sometime.

*Other brands of chocolate egg are, of course, also available.