May and June 2017

Hills logoWe have been enjoying many excellent services of late and it is always good to reflect on the fact that we are blessed to have so many talented people who give their time and efforts in making sure that our Sunday mornings are spiritually nourishing. Although we see The Chapel as something broader than a church, we do hold worship at the heart of what we do.

It is remarkable how inclusive Sunday mornings are. Throughout the month, there are ample opportunities for each of us to learn more about the threads of insight that inspire each of us most fully but it is  Sundays that provide us with a chance to celebrate the diversity of these aspects, together as a community. It is mysterious how such diversity can bring us all together.

In a world where religion is sometimes used as a way to create division, religion at its best will always help to bind us to our neighbours. And so it is at The Chapel.

Blessings to all as you explore the website of our lovely little chapel of life.