July and August 2017

Sunday July 16th saw the chapel celebrate its 263rd Anniversary Service. Jeff Jones led the celebration and his theme centred on the myth of Icarus; falling and flying.

During part of the service, Jeff read out some short testimonies about the chapel which members of our little community had written. It was a heartening and moving section of the afternoon and one of the messages is reproduced below, serving as a reminder that together, with patience and love, we human beings can in some small way, all help to make the world a better place.

 “I so the admire the small team at the chapel who, through their untiring dedication, perseverance and generosity, have created something very special; not only in spiritual terms for their members and congregation but also in the wider sense of reaching out to the surrounding community and beyond by means of the various activities they organise.   They have had the imagination to envisage the potential of what the Chapel as a body might to be able to achieve and they have the courage to continue exploring its possibilities. The little Chapel for me is a place of welcome, warmth and kindness. It is a place where one’s spiritual Unitarian life is encouraged and nourished.  It is a place where Unitarian values are put into practice.  It is a sacred place.”

It was lovely to see the church so full of life and below are some photographs that capture the essence of all that we are. Come and experience it for yourself sometime soon!

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