September and October 2017

Car parks. On the face of it, perhaps not the most inspiring of subjects.

This said, there are some pretty smart ones around. Take a look.

And parking? It can be the bane of some people’s lives. Not only is finding a spot sometimes pretty hard these days, but there’s sometimes the question of reverse parallel parking to negotiate. But take heart by looking here: you’re not the only one who struggles at times.

So why the subject of parking? Well, we’re all pretty excited at the chapel by the smart new one that we had created in August. Our fresh looking car park is another addition to making our premises ever more attractive and fit for purpose.

Smart eh?

And it’s always worth remembering – and giving thanks for – all those who make a  contribution to our work here. Some are able to contribute financially and others simply come and get involved, making it all the more worth our while putting such improvements as a new car park, in place.

We need support of every kind and one sort is not more important than other; both enable us to be able to fulfill our aim in making The Chapel a place of contemplation, creativity, community and compassion. So here’s thanks to our kindly neighbours; those who rent out the premises; those who attend our community activities; those who worship here; our members near and far; our committed committee (if that’s not too many double m’s and t’s) and our trustees who all add to making our little place what it is – just lovely.

And if you haven’t paid us a visit yet, come and see us for yourselves sometime – you are always welcome.

Meanwhile – happy parking.