November and December 2017

bonfire embers

Last Saturday, Jan and I had a lovely ‘chapel centred’ evening. We enjoyed a healthily attended folk club which saw us not only enjoying some great music but also some sparklers at the half time interval, care of our good friends from the Godalming congregation.

Before the folk club, we were delighted to be able to attend Libby’s bonfire and firework’s display in her garden. Barnie was on fine form in both keeping the fire burning strongly and in choreographing a super little firework display. There was fun, laughter and the lovely November chill in the air, was soon offset by a snug log fire and some warm sausage sandwiches and chocolate brownies.

At one point in the evening, I found myself alone and utterly captivated by the fire’s embers as they shot into the air, glowed gorgeously for a few seconds before then dying away into the nothingness of the evening sky.

I stood staring for what seemed like many minutes, although in reality, it was probably much less; though time did seem to stand still and for these brief moments as life seemed to open fully before me.

I couldn’t help but wonder at the metaphor. The life of an ember is full of beauty and for all too short a time, has the energy of youth and wondrous potential. Together, a host of embers do magical things to the dark as they each go their own way, individual yet seemingly orchestrated in some way.

Then they die away, leaving but a wispy trail of their existence.

Spirit of life; divine presence; God – may we hold such metaphors deep in our hearts and minds and use them to live each day as deeply and fully as we can.