March and April 2018


Easter seems to have arrived early this year and with the snow leaving us only a week before the clocks were put forward, things have seemed a little disorientating at times.

On Easter Sunday, Stuart will lead the worship with the focus being on the role that St. Peter played in the story of Jesus’ death, perhaps putting any sense of minor disorientation that we may be experiencing at the moment into something of a perspective. But if you are feeling something more than a little of of sorts, here is a litany that may be of comfort.

It is based on the words of John Bannister Tabb, an American Catholic priest and poet, who lived at the end of the 19th Century.

Litany – ‘Life Again’

(Embolden words by John Banister Tabb).

 When life becomes hard and our confidence is shattered;

Out of the dusk a shadow, then a spark.

 When the voice of the spirit, the voice of God seems to elude our hearts;

Out of the cloud of silence, then a lark.

 When joy fills our hearts only to see us fall and struggle to get up;

Out of the heart a rapture, then, a pain.

 Never lose hope; never lose faith; never lose sight that through all of the turmoil and pain, there is love somewhere, waiting;

Out of the dead cold ashes,

Life again.