June and July

In July, Stuart led the Chapel’s anniversary service. It is customary during this service to make reference in some way to the heritage of our community, to remind us of where we have come from, where we are now and where we might be heading. Stuart’s address was in the form of a letter to William Evershed, one of the founders of our community, who is buried in the memorial grounds. Stuart wrote:

“And as the years flow on, so the heritage of these chapel walls will becomes ever-more steeped with the DNA of the good people who have worshipped here and continue to do so. Marking birth, marking marriage, marking death but most importantly acknowledging the vicissitudes of life that befall us all, this building serves as the vessel that focuses our community members into their reflections, their joys, their sorrows, their loves, their frustrations, their fears and their hopes. Every hymn, song, poem, reading, address and uttered prayer that falls between these walls further adds to the wealth of this place.

Everybody here is adding to this wealth of this building every time they visit. From every heartfelt counsel to every casual conversation, from every healing hand to every spade of earth turned, from every child -lit candle to every musical note played, each of us, in our own way are adding to the very fabric and the very wealth of this community.

Dear Mr William Evershed. You may not understand everything that goes in your little Chapel these days but I know that you understand the meaning of love and I know that you understand the meaning of peace. And there’s little, if anything, more important to understand about our chapel than this. ”

Wishing everybody a delightful and peaceful summer.

William ‘Bill’ Evershed stands beside the grave of his ancestor and co-founder of the Chapel, William Evershed ‘The Preacher.’