August and September

At the Chapel, the summer gives us the chance to spend a bit of time on maintenance and cleaning.

Many of our members chip in with their time and energy and even some of our neighbours give their time to care for the building which is on their doorstep and which they thankfully agree, adds to the historic and community feel of the village.

Today, Paul and I unearthed lots of rotten and infested wood in the porch and with some regret, the only option was to take it out and make good the area with some re-pointing and soon, a hearty lick of paint.


As we were working, I was thinking about how long the wood had been there – probably not that long in the broad scheme of things but still perhaps 30 or 40 years. I don’t know who put the boarding up and whether, as they were working on it, if they could envisage a time in the future when it would have to be removed as time and nature inevitable took its coarse.

Although Paul and I were respectfully partaking in an act of destruction we were also making way for the creation of something new and different, and this is how life works. Contemplating the impermanent nature of things and trying to not get too attached to that which is material is always a grounding meditation, even if you are covered in rotten wood and plaster.

And throughout the day, these big thoughts about the nature of life were punctuated with some very welcomed cheese sandwiches and plenty of cups of tea; after all, its the simple things in life that often provide the best refreshment.

Have a great summer everybody.