Spring 2020

Spring is the time when we hold our Chapel Annual General Meetings. It’s a fitting time. The legacy of the past year is still with us; the air retains a chill but the coming flora and fauna is largely yet to raise its head. The thoughts of the last year are still fresh but we are well into the new cycle of life.


For those unfamiliar with our governance, we have a constitution which stipulates the running of our Committee (for example, the posts of office and the numbers needed as a quorum for decisions to be voted). We have two bodies; the Committee who oversee the day-to-day running of the chapel and the Trustees who are responsible for our assets. Some people are on both bodies and some just one. Anybody who is a member of the chapel can vote to affirm or change the positions of office at our Annual General Meeting and have their say in any areas of the functioning of the chapel.

This year, in terms of the day-to-day running of the chapel, we are pleased to report that we have had another successful year in terms of ensuring that our building is used regularly both as a place of worship and as a community space. Our twice monthly services are reasonably well attended throughout the year, averaging around fourteen and drawn from all generations of age. We continue to secure the best possible service leaders to ensure that the quality of our worship is high and is valued by all. We are especially blessed in having so many children who come along and are able to always offer them a story, or similar, to keep them interested and learning about our approach to religion.

Our hall rentals are up. Across any month people visit the chapel for pilates lessons; singing and drama lessons; meditation; healing; folk club;  French lessons; craft mornings and Quaker-style worship. Vanessa has been kept busy in making sure that all our guests are kept safe, informed and pleased with the space that we offer them.

We continue to develop our links with the local charity ‘ The Forgotten Children of the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes’ and have been able to provide space for a social evening and a Christmas Fayre in the past few months.

In terms of our building and grounds, we continue to make sure that the work completed during or English Heritage project is well-maintained. Our porch was refurbished over the summer and we have successfully tackled infestations of death-watch beetle and a repair to a sagging ceiling!   These repairs can only be completed with the earnings of our hall rental and through the generous donations of many involved in our work. Our gardens continue to be well maintained with hedges and lawn areas regularly cut whilst allowing our ‘meadow areas’ to flourish in flowers, insects, birds and mammals of many species.

All of our work and success is down to the commitment of  people who tirelessly give their time, resources and energy in order to make sure that the heritage of our past projects forward to the present and future.