The Chapel 4Cs

“We need not think alike to love alike.” – Francis David

‘The Chapel’ is the home of a community of people dedicated to providing a range of activities and events that make space for the human spirit to flourish. Our work is based upon the themes of contemplation, creativity, compassion and community.


We support contemplative living. By this, we mean encouraging activities that allow people to step away from some of the pressures of everyday living and perhaps create time to take stock or find a sense of peace. This might include activities such as meditation, prayer, yoga, discussion forums or simply sitting quietly in the tranquillity of our garden. We have no ‘fixed’ philosophy or theology but encourage people to explore their life paths in the setting of a compassionate community. We ‘think’ and we ‘do.’


At The Chapel, we value and seek to support creativity. Be it visual or performing arts; creative thinking and the exploration of alternative ways of viewing the world, we support people in finding ways in which their human creativity can flourish.


The Chapel works in the spirit of compassion. We want to encourage ways of living where care for ourselves is matched by our care for each other, wider humanity and our natural world. We work for justice and fairness in all walks of life. For example, we have recently supported local refugees and do on-going charitable work with a Nicarguan Educational Organisation.


Through all that we do, we hope to develop a spirit of community with each other. The Chapel is a place where you will find people who operate from a spirit of generosity and openness.

Some of our activities are organised by members of The Chapel and some are run by people who use our building for events that are in keeping with our vision and ethos. You will find details about our current activities on this website and on promotional materials in the Billingshurst locality. As examples, we offer musical events such as our Folk Club; a meditation group and retreat days; art and creative writing classes; exhibition spaces and yoga groups.

The Chapel is also home to local Unitarians who hold liberal, inclusive services twice monthly which explore and nourish spiritual development through multi-faith and secular readings, singing, meditation, prayer and talks. Historically, Unitarianism grew out of a non-trinitarian  Christianity but now it is true to say that it aligns itself closer to perennial philosophy.

The Chapel is registered for weddings and other ceremonies such as naming services and funerals. We have experienced officials who can help to plan and deliver life events in keeping with shared beliefs and values.

We are always looking to expand our range of activities and are open to suggestions of how we might do this: simply make contact.

Our Header Image


Our header picture represents our Chapel, a little oasis of light, nestled between the North and South Downs in West Sussex.

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