Billingshurst Folk Club

Scroll a bit further for ‘Who’s On’ and for useful information for performers.

We run a successful little folk club at The Chapel. Held on the first Saturday of each month, the club encourages floor spots by any acoustic based act. Each month we offer one or two half- hour sets to allow performers to spread their wings a little further. Occasionally, we book professional acts.

Contact Stuart Coupe – 01403 260046

‘stuartcoupe at stuartcoupe dot plus dot com’ 

We can be tricky to find but that’s part of our charm. Look at the sidebar on your right for how to find us!

We ask for a donation of about £3.00 for a regular evening and a little more if we book an established, professional. Any profit from any of the the evenings is donated to the upkeep of our building. We start promptly at 8.00 p.m. and if you would like to perform, it’s best to arrive a little before that to get your name on the list.

Sat. Oct. 5th 2019 – Les Elvin – Two half hour slots by Les Elvin who plays skilful guitar and sings a fine combination of folk, blues and pop. Floor singers most welcome. £3.00 donation.


Sat. Nov. 2nd 2019 – ‘Fresh Pasta’ bring good-time acoustic music in the first half, followed in the second by Alison Bailey-Williams. Alison will perform a preview of ‘Holda and the King of Goose Island’ a Christmas Show about the Winter weather landscape on Pulborough Brooks. Songs with storytelling from the Norse Myths Creation including versions of Eddic Ballad poetry.


Sat. Dec. 7th 2019 – Roy Nash and Brian Skinner play two half hour sets of their delightful songs drawn from traditional and contemporary sources.  Floor singers most welcome. £3.00 donation.


Sat. Jan. 4th 2020 – The Salts. The Salts perform shanties but not quite in the way you might expect! Five seasoned musicians with a remarkable list of credits to their names from Pete Best via Thunderclap Newman to Ben E King, band will perform acoustically but with the gutsy power that their audiences have come to love and expect. (Check out the link for a taste)! Floor singers welcome. £6.00.


Sat. Feb. 1st  2020 – Rude Mechanicals. A welcome return for this loveable and highly skilful band who play traditional songs and music from across the globe on a wide range of instruments. Floor singers welcome. £3.00.


Sat. Apr. 4th 2020 – Guest tbc

Sat. May. 2nd. Andrew Perry, organiser of the ‘Chichester Pickers’ club entertains us with songs with an americana, rootsy-country vibe.  Floor singers welcome. £3.00.

PerrySat. Jun. 6th 2020 – Ian Chisholm. Ian brings delightful finger-style playing to traditional songs and tunes using wonderful stringed instruments  that he has built himself. Floor singers welcome. 8.00pm £3.




We run the folk club either in the candle- lit chapel area, sitting in the pews or in the smaller adjacent hall. We encourage everybody to have a spot who wants one, though performers should endeavor to arrive in good time in order to get their name on the list. Sometimes it’s one song, sometimes three or four, depending on how busy we are. We always worry about ‘missing somebody’ who turns up to play but who for whatever reason does not make it to the list, so please make yourself known to the organisers if you don’t see your name up on the chalkboard. The running order list is pretty random.

All monies collected contribute to the upkeep of the building which costs in the region of £350 a month to keep going. We very much appreciate those local performers who give their time and talents to help keep us going. Please do not conatct us if you are a professional performer who expects (deserves) to earn a living from music – I’m afraid that we can’t help you. 

However…………. Every so often we are able to secure a gig from one of our professional ‘folk friends’ or catch a nationally known performer ‘between gigs’ who is happy to play for more-or-less the door money. In these cases we charge a bit more to our audiences on the understanding that they are getting a very good performance by somebody seeking to earn a living at what they do and then a percentage of the door money goes to the performer.

We ask performers to bear in mind that we operate out of a chapel. Raising a smile with ‘close to the edge’ implications in a song song is fine but overt sexual or profane language and content may a) cause embarrassment, b) alienate our audience who should be respected and c) land us in hot water with trustees who do literally ‘trust’ us to use the lovely building responsibly.

We are totally acoustic and without PA. We do find that anything other than hand-held light percussion can over power our space though and voices are unlikely to be heard over a cajon or snare for example.

We like to encourage friendly, fair-minded and accommodating people who come musically prepared, seek to perform to the best of their ability and who take their music reasonably seriously, if not necessarily themselves!

We serve coffee and tea during the break and patrons may bring their own alcohol to drink in moderation.

That’s it!



  1. I can’t believe I’m going to miss the first folk club in the newly restored ‘Chapel’. Duty calls with my 90 year old dad though! Have a great evening.


  2. HI – looking forward to playing at the Chapel. I run he Partridge Folk sessions and use to co-host the club at Amberley. I know the standard of your guests and look forward to trying to convince you that I am worthy of such an opportunity! Best wishes John * That said Sat 5th Sept is a problem!


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