Disability Access

Regretfully, our building is not too friendly for wheelchair access. We have investigated the possibilities of improving this and have met with the Horsham District Council Access and Equalities Advisor but the conclusion was that reasonable adjustments would be both too costly for the size of our organisation and would compromise somewhat our Grade II listed status.

However, we were advised to show examples of what needs to be negotiated in order to get inside the chapel and the following photographs illustrate this.

Please also note that we do not have a disabled toilet.

Please contact us if you need any further information: 01403 260046.

From the High Street there are two steps to negotiate followed by an uneven path to the front door. There are then two further steps to the chapel entrance.


At our Laker’s Meadow entrance there is a shingle car park area then a slightly inclined path leading to a set of steps. The door into the side entrance is too narrow to facilitate a wheelchair.


Again, despite our best efforts, we are sorry that our facilities are unable to be adjusted to be as inclusive as we would desire.