Meditation and Healing

We run a variety of meditation, contemplation and healing sessions over the course of each month.

The Power of Eight Healing Circle
This Circle is based on the model established by Lynne McTaggart after 10 years of experimentation and research.  What has been discovered is that when people regularly meet to carry out an intention for each other in small groups every part of their lives begins to heal: health, relationships, finances, careers, life purposes. Not just those who are recipients but all the people participating.   Further information.  Contact: Marion France 07949 039367

Spiritual Café
Meeting every eight weeks, roughly, on a Tuesday, 10am-12pm.  We welcome anyone interested in the healing arts including practitioners but also non-practitioners who wish to share ideas, skills and experiences, or simply hang out in a relaxed, social setting while participating in a light-hearted creative activity.  Just £3 goes towards the venue and refreshments. Contact Marion for further information or register your interest:    07949 039367



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