Chapel Open

We try to make The Chapel as accessible as possible outside of our regular event times. Members of the public are welcome to visit at the times outlined below. If you would like to request that we open on a particular date, for example, if you need to visit for historical interest or pastoral reasons, we may be able to accommodate this. Please make contact.

When the Chapel is open, members of the public may explore the building or sit quietly for a while. There may be somebody on hand to talk you through the building’s history if that would be of interest. First Saturday’s of the month our Uillean Pipers group practise in the chapel and are happy to host guests. On the 4th Saturday of each month we set up as a ‘community cafe,’ Libby works in the garden on the last Friday of the month and Stuart is around on Wednesday’s during school holiday periods.

Please note that ‘evangelism’ of any kind is not within the remit or spirit of those who operate The Chapel. We come from a diverse spiritual perspectives and have no denominational creed to wish to impose upon anybody. Visitors to the Chapel will in no way shape or form be drawn into conversations about matters of faith unless they expressly indicate a curiosity or interest.    

Open Days 2017
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 7th
Community Cafe Saturday 28th
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 4th
Stuart Wednesday 22nd
Community Cafe Saturday 25th
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 4th
Community Cafe Saturday 25th
Marion and Duncan Tuesday 28th
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 1st
Stuart Wednesday 12th
Stuart Wednesday 19th
Community Cafe Saturday 22nd
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 6th
Libby Friday 26th
Community Cafe Saturday 27th
Stuart Wednesday 31st
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 3rd
Marion and Duncan Tuesday 20th
Community Cafe Saturday 24th
Libby Friday 30th
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 1st
Marion and Duncan Tuesday 25th
Community Café Saturday 22nd
Libby Friday 28th
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 5th
Stuart Wednesday 2nd
Stuart Wednesday 9th
Stuart Wednesday 16th
Stuart Wednesday 23rd
Libby Friday 25th
Stuart Wednesday 30th
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 2nd
Community Cafe Saturday 16th
Marion and Duncan Tuesday 26th
Libby Friday 29th
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 7th
Stuart Wednesday 25th
Libby Friday 27th
Community Cafe Saturday 28th
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 4th
Community Cafe Saturday 25th
Pipers’ Practice Saturday 2nd
Marion and Duncan Tuesday 5th




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