December 2017

You are warmly invited to our Carol Service on Sunday December 17th 2017 at 4.00 pm. We will be enjoying a selection of favourite carols and some Christmas folk songs, topped off by mince pies and mulled wine. Do join us if you are able to.

Natvity scene

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November and December 2017

bonfire embers

Last Saturday, Jan and I had a lovely ‘chapel centred’ evening. We enjoyed a healthily attended folk club which saw us not only enjoying some great music but also some sparklers at the half time interval, care of our good friends from the Godalming congregation.

Before the folk club, we were delighted to be able to attend Libby’s bonfire and firework’s display in her garden. Barnie was on fine form in both keeping the fire burning strongly and in choreographing a super little firework display. There was fun, laughter and the lovely November chill in the air, was soon offset by a snug log fire and some warm sausage sandwiches and chocolate brownies.

At one point in the evening, I found myself alone and utterly captivated by the fire’s embers as they shot into the air, glowed gorgeously for a few seconds before then dying away into the nothingness of the evening sky.

I stood staring for what seemed like many minutes, although in reality, it was probably much less; though time did seem to stand still and for these brief moments as life seemed to open fully before me.

I couldn’t help but wonder at the metaphor. The life of an ember is full of beauty and for all too short a time, has the energy of youth and wondrous potential. Together, a host of embers do magical things to the dark as they each go their own way, individual yet seemingly orchestrated in some way.

Then they die away, leaving but a wispy trail of their existence.

Spirit of life; divine presence; God – may we hold such metaphors deep in our hearts and minds and use them to live each day as deeply and fully as we can.

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September and October 2017

Car parks. On the face of it, perhaps not the most inspiring of subjects.

This said, there are some pretty smart ones around. Take a look.

And parking? It can be the bane of some people’s lives. Not only is finding a spot sometimes pretty hard these days, but there’s sometimes the question of reverse parallel parking to negotiate. But take heart by looking here: you’re not the only one who struggles at times.

So why the subject of parking? Well, we’re all pretty excited at the chapel by the smart new one that we had created in August. Our fresh looking car park is another addition to making our premises ever more attractive and fit for purpose.


Smart eh?

And it’s always worth remembering – and giving thanks for – all those who make a  contribution to our work here. Some are able to contribute financially and others simply come and get involved, making it all the more worth our while putting such improvements as a new car park, in place.

We need support of every kind and one sort is not more important than other; both enable us to be able to fulfill our aim in making The Chapel a place of contemplation, creativity, community and compassion. So here’s thanks to our kindly neighbours; those who rent out the premises; those who attend our community activities; those who worship here; our members near and far; our committed committee (if that’s not too many double m’s and t’s) and our trustees who all add to making our little place what it is – just lovely.

And if you haven’t paid us a visit yet, come and see us for yourselves sometime – you are always welcome.

Meanwhile – happy parking.


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July and August 2017

Sunday July 16th saw the chapel celebrate its 263rd Anniversary Service. Jeff Jones led the celebration and his theme centred on the myth of Icarus; falling and flying.

During part of the service, Jeff read out some short testimonies about the chapel which members of our little community had written. It was a heartening and moving section of the afternoon and one of the messages is reproduced below, serving as a reminder that together, with patience and love, we human beings can in some small way, all help to make the world a better place.

 “I so the admire the small team at the chapel who, through their untiring dedication, perseverance and generosity, have created something very special; not only in spiritual terms for their members and congregation but also in the wider sense of reaching out to the surrounding community and beyond by means of the various activities they organise.   They have had the imagination to envisage the potential of what the Chapel as a body might to be able to achieve and they have the courage to continue exploring its possibilities. The little Chapel for me is a place of welcome, warmth and kindness. It is a place where one’s spiritual Unitarian life is encouraged and nourished.  It is a place where Unitarian values are put into practice.  It is a sacred place.”

It was lovely to see the church so full of life and below are some photographs that capture the essence of all that we are. Come and experience it for yourself sometime soon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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May and June 2017

We have been enjoying many excellent services of late and it is always good to reflect on the fact that we are blessed to have so many talented people who give their time and efforts in making sure that our Sunday mornings are spiritually nourishing. Although we see The Chapel as something broader than a church, we do hold worship at the heart of what we do.

It is remarkable how inclusive Sunday mornings are. Throughout the month, there are ample opportunities for each of us to learn more about the threads of insight that inspire each of us most fully but it is  Sundays that provide us with a chance to celebrate the diversity of these aspects, together as a community. It is mysterious how such diversity can bring us all together.

In a world where religion is sometimes used as a way to create division, religion at its best will always help to bind us to our neighbours. And so it is at The Chapel.

Blessings to all as you explore the website of our lovely little chapel of life.


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March and April 2017

As I write, spring seems to be weaving her way into the world.


I am reminded of the sentiment that our service leader Danielle Wilson talked about the other Sunday morning: that we should always try to take time to dwell on the awe and wonder in the world that surrounds us.

So, as spring springs, take a long, slower look at those daffs; let that Cadbury’s cream egg gently melt in your mouth*and feel the rain upon your face with ever more delight.

As Danielle said, one day, all of us will find brackets enclosing the dates of our existence and the most important element of the two dates that they wrap around is not the numbers themselves but rather the dash that lies between them. For it is this dash which  represents the time we all have, no matter how brief, between the opening and closing of our chapter.

How are you spending your dash?

It may not be possible to live out all, some or even any of our dreams – and that may not be a bad thing. But we can all make a commitment to find as much time as we can during any one day to live as deliberately as we can.

And it might also be possible to  live with as much love reaching out from our hearts as we are humanly capable of. Not easy perhaps, but possible all the same.

Thanks for visiting our site – I hope that your reading was a good use of a tiny, tiny part of your dash and remember to use the rest as wisely as you can.

Looking forward to you popping by again sometime.

*Other brands of chocolate egg are, of course, also available.


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January and February 2017

Welcome to 2017

The ancient Roman god Janus (whose name most scholars believe is the source of the name of our month January) is conventionally thought of as a god of transition.  A single being depicted with two faces, one looking forward and one backward, he is a compelling image of the interconnection between past and future, from one condition to another, from one vision to a new one, but viewed as a single process, perhaps even as a sort of ‘non-duality.’

In a sense then, as we tend to look backwards and forwards at the start of a new year and Janus may be an appropriate symbol for the changes that we are perhaps anticipating across the course of the next phases of our individual and communal lives.

For our little chapel community, we know that some changes are afoot too. Duncan, for example, is stepping into pastures new with his student ministry with our friends over at the congregation at Ditchling and we wish him well with his exciting new endeavour.

We should also remember though that whilst a place of worship can be a place for transformation and change, it can also be a place of stability and security; a place where we can be assured that changes are made at a considered pace, with due regard for the past, the present and the future.

Many things change. People change. Times change. But humanity’s general acknowledgement that there is always room in the heart, mind and soul for that which is eternal and true seems to be a timeless phenomenon, no matter the variety of ways in which this may find expression.

We are all human beings and this makes us spiritual beings and this makes us religious beings* and this is what makes our work at the Chapel so relevant.

So dear human being; Happy New Year to you one and all.

(*You can wrestle with the difference between the two – if you see one – for yourselves).

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November and December 2016

Welcome To Winter

The frosts are beginning to bite now and the sense that Christmas is in the air seems to be all- pervading. The Chapel always provides  warm relief from the cold weather and the feeling that Christmas can sometimes become a little too frenetic. Come and find some peace with us!

Services Over Christmas

Our regular twice monthly services take place throughout the winter. Our Christmas Carols and Readings service will be led by Duncan Voice this year and is on Sunday December 18th at 4.00 pm. Come and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the chapel as we sing together and enjoy time afterwards with non-alcoholic punch and mince pies.

Car Park

The Committee are currently investigating ways in which we can up grade our car park. We hope to rejuvenate it as best as we can within our given budget sometime before the summer.

Interfaith Event

Both our Billingshurst and Horsham congregations have close links with the Horsham Interfaith Forum. On Saturday November 26th there is an arts event which celebrates religious diversity and has the life of Tim Firth, a former convener, at its centre; 1pm. Unitarian Church Hall, Worthing Road, RH12 1SL, Horsham.


We are pleased to welcome Alison Stoker who leads yoga in the hall weekly. You can find out more about it here and check the calendar for dates and times.

Seasonal greetings to one and all.


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August and September 2016

The ‘Sometimes Unseen.’ 

August can seem to be a time when The Chapel steps back for a month and takes things a little slower. Some of the organisers of our activities take a bit of a breather and allow themselves a time to relax and refresh. After all, there are not many places of worship where you’ll find the person preparing worship on a weekday evening after work, leading a workshop on the Saturday, delivering the worship on the Sunday before then finding themselves tending the garden or cleaning the eaves in the following days.

So during August, some of us restrict ourselves to doing a few of the more practical things. And this month, a gentle stroll through the gardens would have found Libby, Vanessa, Marion and Sam at work on the beds, grasses and hedges (we wait until August to do the hedges lest we upset the nesting birds) and Stuart and Duncan fixing the chapel spotlights, cleaning the algae from the walls and hosing down the valley in the roof (Duncan has just retired from the fire brigade and did comment that his first job at the chapel still involved ‘ladders and hoses!’). There are probably countless other hours put in by others whose voluntary work for us is often the ‘sometimes unseen.’

We are grateful to everybody who lends a helping hand to keep the chapel active and in good material order. It takes time, money and most importantly tender loving care – the first two of which we have some of at varying degrees of across the year – the latter of which we have in spades (and forks and hedge clippers).

Refugee Support 

As part of our social action enterprises, Libby and Marion have been supporting with the settlement of the first two refugee families into Horsham district. This involves buying and delivering food and offering practical help where needed. It is coordinated by the Horsham Refugee Support Group and we thank Libby and Marion for their time in representing us out there in the needy community.

Meditation Workshop

Duncan offers some reflections on our recent meditation workshop.

‘On Saturday 30th July we welcomed Richard Bober from The Meditation Fellowship to lead a meditation workshop for us at The Chapel.  Our group of 8 consisted of regulars from our monthly meditation group and some new faces.

Richard said right from the outset that he intended to take things slowly, which is precisely what he did.  Through his gentle guidance we explored the basics of meditation.  A series of short meditations enabled us to consider our posture, to be comfortable and yet aware and open.  We then worked on our breath, considering how each of us can connect and what works best for us as individuals.  We also considered our attitude or approach to meditation and Richard emphasised three important aspects, or skills, namely: non-judgement, patience and acceptance.

The two hour session was punctuated by some walking meditation in the churchyard.  I think one local couple walking back from the high street wondered if the dead had risen when they encountered 8 people slowly walking around different parts of the site.  But all was well.

I found the workshop offered me the opportunity to re-connect and review my own practice, which was very helpful.  And from our conversations afterwards I think others found Richard’s session accessible and benefited in different ways.  I hope we will be able to tempt Richard back in the future to run another workshop.  Some leaflets about The Meditation Fellowship are available in the chapel, and their next retreat is November (Nov 4th 5th 6th) at Salisbury.’

Thank you for organising and reflecting on this event Duncan.

Up Coming

Come the autumn The Chapel will be back in full swing with our mission to offer the community events and activities centred around the themes of creativity, compassion, contemplation and community. Check our calendar and the tabs above for more details and we’ll see you there.



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June and July 2016

Anniversary Service

Our Anniversary Service will take place on Sunday July 17th 2016 at 3.00pm and will be led by Rev Sheena Gabriel. Traditionally, our Anniversary Service is a time when we renew acquaintances with those who are unable to visit us regularly and where we mark the ‘birthday’ of our congregation. Friends old and new are welcome to join us both for the service and for tea and cake and conversation afterwards.

Meditation Workshop

On Saturday 30th July we are pleased to offer a mediation workshop.  Arrive at 10.15 am for a 10.30 am start.  The workshop will be led by Richard Bober, from the Unitarian Meditation Fellowship and a member of Golders Green Unitarians.  We will explore a variety of different meditation techniques from walking meditation to the use of music.  The workshop will be suitable for those starting to explore meditation and those who wish to re-connect.  The workshop will be finished by 12.30 am and will be followed by a light lunch and the opportunity for discussion.  To book contact Duncan on 07771 609347 or email  Suggested donation £10.


Our boundary wall is now being rebuilt. We are able to rescue most of the original bricks and will circumvent the holly tree so as to (hopefully) avoid the problem of roots compromising its integrity again. During the Summer, we will investigate the possibility of improved disability access to the building and take this into consideration when we think about improving the carpark area. Also over the summer, we are to tackle the algae growth which is appearing on many of the external walls and also continue to manage the memorial grounds with an eye on attracting as much wildlife as we can. Volunteer gardeners are always welcome.

Folk Club

Our folk club will take a break through July and August and return in September. We thank all those who attend, both players and listeners. Not only do we have lots of fun but the financial contributions that are made form a healthy part of our monthly income. Thanks to all.

Progressive Christianity Network

The next session for this group will be Thursday July 7th. A period of contemplation will be followed by a discussion around the theme of ‘Salvation.’ Photocopies of the text that we will explore will be available on the evening or the book, Marcus Borg’s ‘Speaking Christian,’ can be purchased here. Participants are encouraged to bring other short texts that might contribute to the discussion.

Other events and activities

There is lots happening at The Chapel. Explore the tabs at the top of the page to find out about our meditation, healing and other activities.


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